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The conclusions of the 8th session of the African Regional Forum for Sustainable Development.

Following the participation of the P2A team at the World Water Forum in Dakar, here are the main outcomes of the event.

Publication of the CREACT4MED report on the Cultural and Creative Industries in Morocco. This report, elaborated in collaboration with the EMEA, gives an overview of the ecosystem and the challenges of the Cultural and Creative Industries in Morocco.

Key findings of the International Energy Agency (IEA) and OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) on the world energy outlook.

Egypt is promoting the adoption and democratization of electric vehicles.

In Tunisia, green finance is growing.

P2A organizes a Green Talk with climate experts around the COP26.

Publication of the study “Achieving Sustainable Development Goals: The Relevance of a Nexus Approach in the Euro-Mediterranean and African Region” written by Fathallah SIJILMASSI and Mounia SLIGHOUA with the collaboration of EMEA and EMNES.

The report, written by Fathallah SIJILMASSI and Hafsa EL BEKRI, presents the new parameters to be taken into account in order to reshape the relations between the EU and its Mediterranean and African neighbors.

The study, produced by Positive Agenda Advisory with its partners Power Shift Africa and Society for Planet and Prosperity, highlights the need for immediate climate action and more financing for a green, resilient and inclusive recovery in Africa.


The report “Post-Covid-19 Recovery in Africa: Recommendations for Policy Actors” calls on African countries to integrate environmental and climate action into their economic recovery plans.

The COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity to closely link development challenges in Africa with environmental protection.

According to a new report, Africa must incorporate green solutions into its post-Covid-19 economic recovery. These solutions will not only help the continent rebound economically, but also adapt to the climate crisis.

Status of women in Morocco: the complexity of an evolution in progress.

Tariff elimination as a lever for endogenous growth. The entry into force of the AfCFTA will play a central role in Africa’s economic recovery by building on the benefits of trade liberalization.

Review of Challenge Maroc magazine in its January 29 issue about the webinar on financing African recovery organized by RIEMAS and the Euromed University of Fez.

A perspective on the new modalities of globalization published by the news magazine of the Oriental Agency.

The future of Europe is in the South

Book written by Fathallah Sijilmassi, founder of P2A and edited by the Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association (EMEA) and the European Center for Policy Studies (CEPS). The book, published in 2019, is an academic analysis of the current and prospective parameters of the relationship between the European Union and its Mediterranean and African environment.

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