About P2A

Positive Agenda Advisory is a strategic intelligence and influence platform. Through our pragmatic, client-centered approach, we provide our clients with personalized operational and executive solutions to support decision-making.


In 2022, P2A is a fast-growing firm with a team of nearly ten people. In addition to these high quality profiles, the firm offers a dense network of national and international clients and partners.


Positive Agenda Advisory is an Advocacy, Executive Strategy and Business Development firm. Our headquarters are in Rabat (Morocco) and our clients are based all over the world. The founding President is Mr Fathallah Sijilmassi, PhD in Economics and former Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco.


Positive Agenda Advisory is a strategic platform for the creation of innovative solutions to the benefit of our clients’ goals and ambitions. By combining strategic intelligence and influence, P2A supports its clients throughout the entire operational cycle : from the development of their strategies to the implementation of their projects.


We are fully committed to our clients’ success by developing a positive agenda of solutions Our pragmatic and innovative approach allows us to provide our clients with a tailored agenda of solutions.


Our values are a major performance driver for our company and reflect the vision behind the creation of Positive Agenda Advisory. Our actions are marked by transparency, professionalism, loyalty and proximity.

Our team is guided by an imperative to deliver results, by rigor, with a strong sense of commitment and respect for our clients’ confidentiality.

Gender Equality

P2A is strongly committed to gender parity. The team is predominantly feminine (62.5%), young, dynamic and dedicated.

Head Office

9, Midelt street, Hassan district
10100, Rabat – Morocco

Branch Office

74, Jaafar As Sadik street, Agdal
10100, Rabat – Morocco

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